2017 in review

I read some of the past posts on this blog. I didn’t cringe. Like in the past, the blog didn’t stand up long, because, after months, it’s weird to read your own words.

Anyways, 2017. The year where many good things had happened. I can’t remember all. Starting August, I went for my first job interview, I did get the job. I graduated from college in October. I started working in November. I resigned my first job in December. I launched carazu alpha in the same month after months thinking of it. Last, I went for my second job at the end of December. It’s fun.

Above all that, the first main reason that I really wanted which are my absolute goal since I started studying in college, both college, I did get it. If thousand people said ‘no’, but if Allah says ‘yes’. Nobody can challenge HIS decision.

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