– What’s up

This is just a quick update on what I’m currently working on. If you’re a web developer there might be a chance where you had worked with WordPress. WordPress is a good platform which also has a great community of theme developer, plugin developer, and fans. And I was one of them. At least at… Continue reading – What’s up

SwitchX’s screenshots

Let me just show some screenshot how the front end of the system looks like. There’s Vue.js installation by the default Laravel 5.3. But, I didn’t even write a single line of it. Honestly, I’m no good at Javascript stuff. I know with ECMAScript etc, things just get easy. But, you know. Need to learn… Continue reading SwitchX’s screenshots

SwitchX – First Released

Some major changes and fixes have been applied in the latest version of SwitchX. The entire project itself has been done from scratch. One of the reasons I did re-developed it from scratch is, I didn’t dry up the codes well. And another reason is that there are major design changes that I’ve made. For… Continue reading SwitchX – First Released