SwitchX (e-commerce) – the first beta

The first release of the system is hoping to be implemented in the kopiahmedia website.┬áThis is to help to improve the site load speed, faster ordering by the customer and also getting rid of unused features, such as comments, taxes, wishlists and many more. ┬áSo really, it’s designed custom for kopiahmedia, meaning all the processes are meant for it.

So first, I wrote some of the website business operation steps of kopiahmedia itself.

Owners’ operations

I logged in.
I click create new product
I add product details.
I add the product picture.
I see the order list.
I update the product order status.
I update post tracking.’

Customer’s side

I see a page with a product preview.
I click on the buy now.
I see a list of shirts
I read product information, including product images, sizes, and descriptions.
I register for the first time.
I click buy now.
I see product ordering form.
I fill in the product sizes.
I fill in my information as well as shipping information.
I pay using Maybank.
I upload the payment reference.
I view the details of my order including order status.

If you see, it’s kinda reading a behavioral driven development. But, it’s not. I don’t know. I wrote this just kinda like a checklist to get the job done.

Models included in the system: Cart, Image, Order, Payment, Say, Shirt, Stock, User.

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