SwitchX – First Released

Some major changes and fixes have been applied in the latest version of SwitchX. The entire project itself has been done from scratch. One of the reasons I did re-developed it from scratch is, I didn’t dry up the codes well. And another reason is that there are major design changes that I’ve made.

For the system name, I cannot come out with a good name. But for now, let’s just stick to the original code name, SwitchX.

Removed from the previous version.

The model cart is removed.
Model payment is removed.
The model says is removed.
The model shirt is replaced with a Product.
Model stock is replaced with Attribute.
The intervention package is removed.
Endpoint owners are removed.
Improvement in the new version
Updated to Laravel 5.3
Better URI, from product/1 to product/product-name
Homepage customization is available in the dashboard.
The product image returns the default placehold.it generic image.
Added font “Hind” from Google Fonts.
The product index shows total stock.
Ordered items saved as JSON.
Green shipping features added.
Dashboard features added for admin management.
A single product can have many attributes.
A product can have a default image.
Added Google Analytics integration.
The image is now is an interface, implementing a polymorphic relationship.

Model changes

Dashboard added.
The product is renamed.
Shipping added.