SwitchX’s screenshots

Let me just show some screenshot how the front end of the system looks like. There’s Vue.js installation by the default Laravel 5.3. But, I didn’t even write a single line of it. Honestly, I’m no good at Javascript stuff. I know with ECMAScript etc, things just get easy. But, you know. Need to learn more for sure.

So here it is.

Update 20 July 2019: The images were lost when I migrated this site to AWS. I will find it, that’s an assurance.

Create new product
All products views
Single product view
Edit existing product
Product image uploader
Edit product stocks and attributes
Ordered product and shipping information form
All order made
View single order details
Order detail, payment reference upload
Edit order for admin
Dashboard – business information
Dashboard – Payment
Dashboard – Homepage Customization
Dashboard – Products Management
Dashboard – Order management
Dashboard – User management
Dashboard – Google Analytic Code