I don’t want slap in new technologies without trying it. Have a quick test drive and feels when using it.

I using Laravel + Vue.js for bfast. It feels clunky because for a few reasons.

The codes doubled up. I have to write products/create.blade.php and components/products/create.vue

Worst things, I have to create each components for each blade and each components may have its own components. Passing components between parent and child is not the most fun things to work with.

Not to mentioned RUNTIME ERROR! I’m not using Typescript!

I want to release features completely tested as fast as possible, without sacrificing user experience.

Not to mentioned TDD was a total failure. I shelved the whole Test Suite when using writing the front-end.

Best things to do know, is to add Livewire to the stack.

Adding Livewire directly to bfast would be a mess. Instead, I’m re-writing for the weekend to test out this stack. I took a month to write carazu in 2018. I think I can re-write this weekends.