Pelaburan 101

Ada satu komik pendek yang aku baca kat Facebook. Tajuk dia lebih kurang “Cara terbaik untuk invest”. Dia mulakan dengan sedikit “clickbait”. Samalah dengan tajuk posting ni. Mula-mula aku ingatkan mesej dia kearah cara-cara nak invest dalam bursa dsb. Tetapi rupanya mesej dia ialah, pelaburan terbaik adalah, pelaburan kepada diri sendiri. Aku letak link ke… Continue reading Pelaburan 101

Let’s just halt carazu for a while. I want to start working on

Setiap tahun aku akan tulis yearly blogpost. Cuma, 2018 masih lagi draft. 2019 single quote yang aku dapat dari YouTube. 2020?….. I will make this one happen. Let’s just set a date, 29 Feb 2020. The last 10 years has been fun, let’s plan what will be the next 10 years. I was thinking of… Continue reading Let’s just halt carazu for a while. I want to start working on

Bangun Subuh Izzudin

Satu masalah dekat sini, waktu subuh berubah mendadak. Mana ada orang tukar alarm waktu subuh setiap kali musim berubah. Kalau pakai MuslimPro, alahai, azan pun sekerat je. Aku fikir satu app yang boleh meletupkan segala syaiton-syaiton yang berada dalam bilik ni pada waktu Subuh dengan azan yang kuat! (Bilal Masjid Negeri) Kalau aku tulis aplikasi… Continue reading Bangun Subuh Izzudin

How to spend the first week.

The last time I release a new feature on carazu was on Jul 16, 2018. So, I will spend the first week of the break to make a substantial upgrade on carazu, primarily on the front-end. I’ve been following Steve Schoger (@steveschoger) design principles on Twitter, and I found it ridiculously necessary how a great… Continue reading How to spend the first week.


Truth is anything you do, any tutorial you follow, any project you start and never finish, any dead-end that you head down, it’s not wasted. It’s all experience that is accumulating over time. -LiveOverflow, YouTube – What’s up

This is just a quick update on what I’m currently working on. If you’re a web developer there might be a chance where you had worked with WordPress. WordPress is a good platform which also has a great community of theme developer, plugin developer, and fans. And I was one of them. At least at… Continue reading – What’s up

SwitchX’s screenshots

Let me just show some screenshot how the front end of the system looks like. There’s Vue.js installation by the default Laravel 5.3. But, I didn’t even write a single line of it. Honestly, I’m no good at Javascript stuff. I know with ECMAScript etc, things just get easy. But, you know. Need to learn… Continue reading SwitchX’s screenshots

SwitchX – First Released

Some major changes and fixes have been applied in the latest version of SwitchX. The entire project itself has been done from scratch. One of the reasons I did re-developed it from scratch is, I didn’t dry up the codes well. And another reason is that there are major design changes that I’ve made. For… Continue reading SwitchX – First Released