Random thought for you..

She asked me when will be my next blog post. And so, I thought the end of June would be a possible candidate. In honour of someone bookmarking the blog on her browser.

I guess a lot of stuff in the past makes me thinks thoroughly when actioning. Sometimes, I think that is my best choice and it seems it not working the way I want it to be. And when I return to the creator, and he showed me the reason why I shouldn’t. Irony you see it in front of your eyes and hopefully not to see it again.

And maybe the reason why it came out late might be to have gratitude and appreciation for what I’ve been looking for. And not to let it fall apart. Any rooms or space that might break loose shouldn’t be taken lightly. Even a glimpse of what if.

If you read this, yes you’re the first and I was waiting for you to be home.