Time Left?

I’m super OCD when it comes to faster, less time, super-efficient, and high performance. I enjoy most working with ‘Performance Upgrade’ cards on Trello. Often there will be another way to ‘make it fast’. A simple shower thought will probably end up with an idea for at least a 50% better result.

$request->shouldChache() ? return $cache : return $response

You know? That’s 50% faster response! I made my day today.

This eventually affects the way I think and make decisions in life! I don’t like slow decisions. I don’t like approval. I don’t like appointments. I don’t like traffic lights. I don’t like people to wait for me. I don’t like waiting for people. Just move if I’m slow, leave me behind, I will catch you.

Still, I love roundabout! You’ll need to make a fast decision or you’ll get honked, especially in Shah Alam. Or worse, Kuala Lumpur when it’s Friday prayer time.

I know it feels bad when we make a bad decision but it’s okay to make one… If we are fast enough, we will always have time to fix it. Don’t wait, fix it.

I don’t feel like going anyway this one-month Christmas holiday. Well, it depends if Arif wants to somewhere. I got befast.my v2 coming up. It’s good Faidhi don’t wait for me, will catch him up!