Genesis 2 vs carazu, the plan

If you’re wondering what is Genesis 2, it is basically my old Proton Gen 2. What is carazu, then?

I’m so obsessed with cars’ fuel efficiencies. I don’t know why. It’s probably to debunked the myth of car company putting high FE, which is less likely to be achieved by an average driver. The only way to get to know the real values by collecting them collectively from many car’s owners.

Of course, carazu it’s not just to collect fuel efficiencies of different cars. I have many plan to go with it. No website can run without money for a long time. And, I do wish to keep carazu for a long by merging carazu with switchx, InsyaAllah.

Just for a quick comparison, here are the difference between the old Genesis 2 and the alpha carazu. And again of course, carazu has many more features.

The old Genesis 2

carazu alpha

2017 in review

I read some of the past posts on this blog. I didn’t cringe. Like in the past, the blog didn’t stand up long, because, after months, it’s weird to read your own words.

Anyways, 2017. The year where many good things had happened. I can’t remember all. Starting August, I went for my first job interview, I did get the job. I graduated from college in October. I started working in November. I resigned my first job in December. I launched carazu alpha in the same month after months thinking of it. Last, I went for my second job at the end of December. It’s fun.

Above all that, the first main reason that I really wanted which are my absolute goal since I started studying in college, both college, I did get it. If thousand people said ‘no’, but if Allah says ‘yes’. Nobody can challenge HIS decision.