Virtual Host and ICANN Collision

I stumbled across this problem yesterday when I was working with website remastering project using WordPress. The .dev domain not working and had a collision with ICANN.

First, I thought the problem was with my Google Chrome. That was totally wrong. Second, I checked¬†httpd-vhosts file, it was fine. Third, I checked the hosts in system32 file. (I didn’t realize the .txt extension was added).

It was really bad, I can’t figured out the solution. And I kept thinking even in my sleep. It’s just too bad and annoying because small things like .dev can ruin the whole night.

It seemed that the hosts file was removed and replaced with hosts.txt file. I suspected a portable program that I was running as administrator privilege replaced it for no reason.

So, I went to sublime and remove the .txt extension. And, it works.

Small things can kill your mood.

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