Event RSVP

Another blog, another system built.

Two things that I want to make happen during my wedding event.

1- Reduce waste
2- Increase efficiency

I know number two seems vague. But setting the event as a free-flow program and no protocol might work. That is hard to tell and something we had to figure out and need to make it work.

I know there are multiple wedding e-card providers that you could buy for RM 100±. It does come with the card, rsvp and countdown. It serves the purpose and works OKish.

Instead of using the service, I built the entire RSVP system because it make sense. Second, because we want everyone has their own customized e-card and can respond to it.

My fiancé and I chose a template and transformed it into working web HTML. And it was a matter for me to build the backend. I took two working days to have it developed.

So the specs are:
1- You can create multiple events.
2- You can assign events with a card (template).
3- You can send invitation to a specific person (invitee) though WhatsApp.
4- An invitee has their own custom card eg: eg.com/event/yusuf
5- An invitee can respond to the RSVP and select number of guest
6- An invitee can also text something to us directly from the card.
7- In the dashboard, you are able to see the total guest coming and other details.

Tech used: Laravel, Tailwind, Alpine.Js