I learned a lot from you. Not only about you, but myself and us. Your smile is what makes me stunned, Your thought is what made me mature. Your patient is what makes me strong. Today is your 24th birthday. Thank you for your love, my love. From your love.

Money Tracker

We did some bank account clean-up last month and did some homework figuring out what can be improved when it comes to spending. I used a google spreadsheet monthly expense template and manually insert each row that represents a transaction. With her statistical and mathematical modeling magic, a report was generated. Not surprisingly enough, I… Continue reading Money Tracker

Random thought for you..

She asked me when will be my next blog post. And so, I thought the end of June would be a possible candidate. In honour of someone bookmarking the blog on her browser. I guess a lot of stuff in the past makes me thinks thoroughly when actioning. Sometimes, I think that is my best… Continue reading Random thought for you..

Not easy

Sometimes, it may seems this is it. It will work! But when start working on it, it feels something is not right… The right thing to do it is, be honest and walk away. Keep moving forward and start a new one. It seems like starting fresh. Yes, it is! But, starting fresh with past… Continue reading Not easy

Time Left?

I’m super OCD when it comes to faster, less time, super-efficient, and high performance. I enjoy most working with ‘Performance Upgrade’ cards on Trello. Often there will be another way to ‘make it fast’. A simple shower thought will probably end up with an idea for at least a 50% better result. $request->shouldChache() ? return… Continue reading Time Left? refresh

I don’t want slap in new technologies without trying it. Have a quick test drive and feels when using it. I using Laravel + Vue.js for bfast. It feels clunky because for a few reasons. The codes doubled up. I have to write products/create.blade.php and components/products/create.vue Worst things, I have to create each components for… Continue reading refresh

Befast July Release

TL;DR Befast July Release can be accessed this 3rd of August 2020. Not 31st of July. Main focus are product management and customer sending WhatsApp messages through the site. Hafiz akan teman aku deploy hari Ahad ni. Tak rayalah Hafiz. Explain more. Aku ingatkan bayar rent 5 minggu akan ada 5 weekend. Rupanya July ada… Continue reading Befast July Release


I want the code to be super maintainable, not just piece of garbage bin. I spent whole hammering one features that probably can be done in less than an hour. It’s super stressed when things didn’t worked out the way you’d want it to be. The progress is pretty darn slow. Its just another burnout., kedai online untuk semua.

Kalau korang jual barang, atau ada brand/produk sendiri, atau sediakan servis atau ada digital produk atau ada mengelapai mana-mana NGO. Korang mungkin akan dapati akan memudahkan operasi bisness korang. ialah sebuah software e-commerce di mana bila korang register, korang akan terus ada kedai online sendiri yang membolehkan korang mengurus transaksi daripada pelanggan. Contohnya.… Continue reading, kedai online untuk semua.