How to spend the first week.

The last time I release a new feature on carazu was on Jul 16, 2018. So, I will spend the first week of the break to make a substantial upgrade on carazu, primarily on the front-end.

I’ve been following Steve Schoger (@steveschoger) design principles on Twitter, and I found it ridiculously necessary how a great design can transform your software or applications. (I will be removing Bootstrap and jQuery and replacing with TailWind CSS and Vue.JS).

Next, I will focus on the premium feature, which is the ability for companies to track their fleet of cars, assigning employees to their respective vehicles.

Stripe now available in Malaysia. I can now accept payments. I’m not sure how the pricing should be but paying for cloud services are remarkably expensive. If I can squeeze some cash out of carazu, that should take off some of the load on the shoulder.

Let’s see how much progress can I make this week.