Money Tracker

We did some bank account clean-up last month and did some homework figuring out what can be improved when it comes to spending. I used a google spreadsheet monthly expense template and manually insert each row that represents a transaction. With her statistical and mathematical modeling magic, a report was generated. Not surprisingly enough, I spent the most money on the bike…

Well, obviously this insight is important to make proper financial decisions, whether it’s a short term or long term. But, I don’t want to insert each row every month. If a month has 30 transactions, that would be at least 360 transactions in a year that we’ll need to keep track of.

So, ANZ and ASB online bankings have CSV export features that you can generate. I did try to find a readily available application that I can use to import these transactions. But none of those really satisfy my requirement. One is, if we look into export data from ANZ, credit card and debit card use different column formatting. There are still manual procedures that get in the way.

As usual, I decided to make a web-based system to automate this. So these are the requirements;

  1. The transaction importer should accept; ANZ Debit, ANZ Credit Card, ASB Debit transactions, General CSV.
  2. Each transaction can be assigned a category; eg: Food, Rent, Bike, Insurance, Salary.
  3. Each transaction can be assigned multiple tags; eg: Countdown, K-Mart, Lazada and etc
  4. The subsequent import should automatically assign a category and tags from the previous month transaction.
  5. A graph and report should be generated for each month. Need her advice on this

Dev Spec

  1. Each importer should adhere to an interface TransactionImporter


It is a shame Maybank or maybe other Malaysian banks do not support CSV export. As far as I know, Maybank only produces PDFs every month and you can’t do it on the fly. But still manual import using General CSV will be possible.

Izzudin 🙂