Deploying my money tracker

Personal money tracker system: Import transactions, categorize expenses, and automate future mapping. Streamline finances efficiently.

14 November 2021#development

I believe I've invested a significant amount of time refining my money tracking system, and it's yielding positive results.

Many business owners may underestimate the value of having a proper system and process, but once they adopt it, they can't live without it. Here's how I transformed my previous blog post into a functional system:

Export .csv files from ANZ/ASB Online banking.

  1. Import the .csv and load as transaction


  1. Once loaded, I can see all transactions made and I can view by monthly.


  1. Next I need to map transaction to a category. For example, set Countdown as Groceries


  1. Well, I can’t just map everything. The only transactions that are important for me are the mostly repeating ones.


  1. Once finished, I can view all categories


  1. I can view each category’s transactions


  1. The next month I uploaded a new .csv export, it will automatically map those transactions with a correct category