E-Commerce System for KM Studio

The customised system for KM Studio website streamlines operations, enhances load speed, and optimizes ordering experience.

14 January 2017#development

The initial release of the system aims to be implemented on the kopiahmedia.com website. This implementation is intended to improve site loading speed, facilitate faster customer ordering, and eliminate unused features such as comments, taxes, wishlists, and more. Therefore, it is custom-designed specifically for Kopiahmedia, tailoring all processes to its requirements.

First, I have outlined some of the website's business operation steps for KM Studio:

Owners’ operations:

  1. I log in.
  2. I click on "Create New Product."
  3. I add product details.
  4. I upload the product image.
  5. I access the order list.
  6. I update the product order status.
  7. I update the shipment tracking.

Customer's side:

  1. I see a page displaying a product preview.
  2. I click on "Buy Now."
  3. I am presented with a list of shirts.
  4. I read product information, including images, sizes, and descriptions.
  5. I register for the first time.
  6. I click on "Buy Now."
  7. I am directed to the product ordering form.
  8. I enter the product sizes.
  9. I provide my personal information as well as shipping details.
  10. I make a payment using Maybank.
  11. I upload the payment reference.
  12. I view the details of my order, including the order status.

If you notice, this checklist follows a somewhat behavioral-driven development approach, although it does not strictly adhere to it. I created it as a guideline to ensure the completion of the necessary tasks.

The system includes various models such as Cart, Image, Order, Payment, Say, Shirt, Stock, and User.