Refreshing frontend

Upgrading carazu with a focus on front-end enhancements after a long hiatus.

27 October 2019#development

The last time I released a new feature on Carazu was on Jul 16, 2018. Therefore, during the break, I plan to dedicate the first week to a substantial upgrade of Carazu, particularly focusing on the front-end.

I have been following Steve Schoger's (@steveschoger) design principles on Twitter, and I've come to realize the crucial role great design plays in transforming software and applications. As part of the upgrade, I will remove Bootstrap and jQuery, replacing them with TailWind CSS and Vue.js.

Additionally, I will prioritize the premium feature, enabling companies to track their fleet of cars and assign employees to specific vehicles.

Excitingly, Stripe is now available in Malaysia, allowing me to accept payments. While determining the pricing remains uncertain, cloud service expenses are notably high. Generating some revenue from Carazu should alleviate the financial burden.

Let's see how much progress I can make this week.