US Trading Automation after a month

Yes, it sounds easy than the reality.

14 May 2022#development

The goal of this robot is to achieve a daily average return of 1%. However, expecting a 1,400% return by year-end is unrealistic. Let's explore further.

The advantages of using a robot include its speed, lack of emotion, and ability to trade multiple stocks simultaneously. Execution is crucial. After a month of testing strategies, tuning parameters, and code adjustments, here's my current setup:

  1. Implement a reversal strategy with SMA, EMA, and ATR confirmation for short-term positions.
  2. Utilise both long and short positions, especially favorable for shorting.
  3. Set a 1 to 5 take-profit/stop-loss ratio to maximise profits while mitigating risks.
  4. Establish a telegram notification system for real-time monitoring.
  5. Developed using Laravel PHP, which may trigger Node.js enthusiasts.

With thousands of trades a week, turns out to be a flop. To be continue...

Cover image by: Arif Adam