Wedding RSVP System

Building a personalized RSVP system for my wedding, reducing waste and increasing efficiency. Custom e-cards, guest responses, and event management.

15 October 2022#development

Another blog, another system built.

There are two main goals for my wedding event:

  1. Reduce waste
  2. Increase efficiency

While the second goal may sound vague, we plan to create a free-flow program without strict protocols. It's a challenge we need to tackle and make it work.

Rather than using wedding e-card providers for around RM 100, we decided to build our own RSVP system. This allows us to customise e-cards for each guest and receive their responses.

We selected a template, transformed it into a working web HTML, and I handled the backend development in just two days.

The system specifications include:

  1. Ability to create multiple events
  2. Assigning events with a card template
  3. Sending personalised invitations via WhatsApp
  4. Each invitee receives a custom card (e.g.,
  5. Invitees can RSVP and specify the number of guests
  6. Invitees can send messages directly from the card
  7. The dashboard provides an overview of total guests and other details.
  8. Technologies used: Laravel, Tailwind, Alpine.js