US stock market trading bot

I’m building this trading robot that trades in the US stock market. The idea is to get the bot up and running as quickly as possible to get it trading using paper trading so I can forward test it. Once all is good, I can start using real money.

I tried to study and write simple strategies/indicators like SMA, EMA and BBRSI. But it seems like it’s consuming a lot of time trying to get it working. Besides, it is too risky if it’s not well tested.

I have seen some very promising strategy that written by someone else. So, I think I will be using it instead of writing my own. I have done backtesting and am pretty happy with the result.

But anyway here is the plan…

  1. Get the bot up and running and start paper trading
  2. Use the demo $100k and divide it into multiple shares
  3. Let it run for 30 days, with a different candlestick every week (1min, 15min, 30mins).
  4. See how many wins/losses and return.
  5. Improve
  6. Ready for real money.
  7. Iterate

Why not crypto??? Well yeah.. Nahhh..